The origin of the gods

Have you seen that Disney movie “Hercules”? Produced in 1997, if you haven’t seen it, you have to see it. This film has always been one of my favorites, and it gave me what I thought at the time, the knowledge of all Greek mythology (I couldn’t be more wrong). I will explain and bluntly, but before you read the post, forget everything you think you know about the mythology based on the movie (IT’S ALL A LIE)!

This film is very different from the original version but it is still one of my favorites

Let’s begin

In the begining, before all that we know today existed, there was only one deity called Chaos (God of the void), he was everything and nothing, he represented the initial disorder of the world.

Chaos (God of void)

Chaos , however, feeling alone, decidedto create Gaia (the goddess of the earth ir simply, “Mother earth”). To better understand, see Gaia as the personification of the earth we know today.

Gaia (goddess of earth)

Chaos after acknowledging his new abilities, he decided to spontaneously create Tartarus, who would be the personification of the underworld or the God of the underworld.

Tartarus (personification of the underworld)

Chaos, who at the time was having fun generating all this, did not limit himself to just one creation at a time, it was then that he decided to generate a pair of twins:
Erebus, personification of deep darkness or voids in the regions of space above the night robes of her sister Nix (goddess of the night), the personification of night.

Erebus ( God of deep darkness)
Nix (goddess of the night)

Nix alone generated twelve children, in which the most relevant to mention are the twins Hypnos (God of sleep or the personification of drowsiness) and Thanatos (the personification of death) and Éris (the Goddess of discord). Nix, not satisfied with the twelve children she had, joined her brother Erebus and together they had two children, Ether and Hemera who, similar to all mentioned before, were primordial gods.

Hipnos( God of sleep)
Thanatos (God of death)
Éris (goddess of discord)

Gaia spontaneously spawned (without fertilization) three children: Uranus (the god who represents the sky), Óreas (the God of the mountains), Pontus (the God of the sea).

Uranos (God of the sky)
Óreas (God of the mountains)
Pontus (God of the sea)

It was then that she decided to stop generating children spontaneously, and decided to join Uranus, yes it’s exactly what you are thinking, she made her son Uranus, her husband and out of that relationship the 12 titans were born: Teia (vision), Phoebe ( Moon), Mnemosyne (memory), Themis (justice), Tethys (fresh water), Rhea (maternity), Crios (constellations), Iapetus (mortality), Oceanus (oceans), Ceos (knowledge), Hyperion (Light), Cronos (Time). That is why Gaia is also called Titeia: the mother of the Titans.

Gaia and uranos

There are several sons of Gaia, and the number usually varies according to the version of the gods’ genealogy. From her union with Pontus, Nereus, Fórcis, Taumas, Ceto and Eribia were born – all of them marine deities.

With Tartarus, god of the Underworld, she had Typhon or Typhoon, a giant that, according to belief, was responsible for the winds.

Typhoon (God of winds)

It is to be remembered that, Uranus hated all his children in such a way that as soon as they were born, he returned them to his mother’s womb because he feared being dethroned by one of them, he did it to all 12 Titans.

Uranus was not yet the huge sky we know today. He was constantly glued to Gaia, he had as his only activity making love with Gaia and as a consequence more children came, only this time quite different from the previous ones, instead of giving birth to Titans ,She began generating “monsters” , where three were cyclopes (immortal giants with one eye) called Arges (the lightning), Brontes (the one who thunders) and Esteropes (the lightning). When they were born because of their great powers and intelligence, their father Uranus (the God of the heavens) locked them inside the earth ,in the underworld.


And three Hecatonchiros or centimanos namely, Briareu also called Aigaion (the vigorous), coto (the furious) and Giges (that of great members), these were giants of a hundred arms and fifty heads, Soon after his birth, Uranus, horrified by monstrous nature of the beings he had generated, hid them in the depths of Tartarus (underworld).


It’s worth remembering that the underworld is inside Gaia in the Tartar, Gaia started to feel sick, I don’t know if it’s because she had creatures trapped inside her or it was the feeling of a mother who wanted to see her children free ,regardless of the answer Gaia wanted to free “her little monsters” and so with the help of Nix, she gathered the toughest metal she found inside her and created a very sharp weapon, as the gods are immortal it would ONLY bem used to harm Urano not to kill him. Gaia encouraged her children to revolt against the terrible father who prevents emancipation, because in that way all his children could gain freedom, grow and would come to light, both in the proper sense and in the figurative.

The underworld

None of the children dared to face their father, if not Cronos, the youngest and the most rebellious of all the Titans.

Wielding the iron scythe, Cronos waits for his father, hidden, so that he cannot feel his presence. Uranus as usual, involves Gaia and penetrates her. Cronos takes the opportunity to take the father’s sex with his left hand and cuts him off with a dry blow. Still with his left hand, he throws over the shoulder the unfortunate organ still bloody.

Cronos castrating his father

Cronos then took his father’s place as king of the titans, he freed his titan brothers but left the “monsters” locked in the underworld. And it was there that Gaia realized that Kronos did not attack Uranus to save his brothers, but to take his place. He became even more despicable as to his father.

It was then that Gaia, prophesied that Cronos, like Uranus, would be dethroned by one of his sons. Cronos then took Réia (goddess of the maternity) as his queen and thus it began the reign of chronos ,it was much longer than the one of its father.

Fearing the prophecy of Gaia, according to which he would be taken out of power by one of his sons, so as not to repeat his father’s mistake, he began to swallow them when they were born.

Rhea and One of her children

The situation made Rhea very sad and angry, she being the Goddess of motherhood and being married to a man who swallows her children, in this case five of her children Demeter (goddess of agriculture), Hestia (goddess of the home), Poseidon, Hades, Hera (goddess of marriage) were in Cronos’ belly when she decided to turn against her husband.

Rhea giving Kranos a Uno reverse card

When Rhea was pregnant with her sixth child Zeus, Rhea fled to the island of Crete and there, secretly, on Mount Dicta, gave birth to the youngest. Wrapping a stone in linen cloths, she gave it to her husband, as if it were the child, and the god immediately swallowed it.

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Ps: The pictures ,are pictures I found on the internet and thought would be a good fit to the story,I do not own them .

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