Anti cancerous week

Hello guys, this past week has been really sad . We lost a man that had such a great impact in the African community Chadwick Boseman , bringing to life the first African super hero “The Black Panther”, he was an important pillar in the African-American entertainment world who humanized several Black historical trailblazers in his roles — including color-line breaking baseball star Jackie Robinson, legendary singer James Brown and the first African- American U.S. Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall, but an actor isn´t all he was . Before being an actor, he was a brother , a son, a husband , and a friend and so are you!

MY friends, cancer does not discriminate ! It is a disease that can and does affect us all regardless of social status, race, gender, religion and sexuality. But we may try to reduce the risk of developing it , by minding our body and making wise food choices and learning the impacts of the food we eat.

I will be mainly talking about Antioxidants , free radicals, food that is good for you and why, it will mostly be a different topic each day but the purpose of all posts will be to educate us a little about this evil upon us. I will try to be as consistent as possible .

I want to send my condolonces , to everyone who has lost someone special , to this nasty disease, and send strenght to those battling it right now , you can do this , you will do it .

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