Thought of the day…77

” It is really hard to feel like you are saving the world , when you are seating down , watching Netflix from your couch , how can go out clubbing , or play football or go to a library be dangerous?

For many of us it may not be much more than just a flu, and it may be confusing as to why schools are closed, restaurants are shuttered , and now the virus is taking what is left of our precious liberty , but the real problem is not the 80%  who will get over this in a week , it’s about the 20% of patients, the older , those who are immunocompromised , those that have medical problems ,who are going to need more support, some oxygen or maybe a ventilator , life support.  All we have to do to slow the spread is social distance , Doctors can’t take care of everyone  at once  despite doing their best , with not enough information, nor protective equipment.  They are working for us , can’t you just stay home for them?

This virus is unforgiving and it tricks you to believe that , it is nothing more than a little flu, without taking drastic measures you superman or superwoman will doom the most vulnerable . Stay at home folks .”

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