Wear your melanin with pride

I’ve never really understood stereotypes.  The degrading beliefs used to discredit a person based on her race, gender, sexual orientation or back ground is just unbelievably stupid.  Let’s talk about black woman for instance, there are so many different stereotypes surrounding black woman but if I am going to be honest with you   these stereotypes don’t really make a difference in my life and they shouldn’t make any in yours

The strongest, wisest, courageous, Independent woman I’ve ever met is a black woman.  Yes! You read that right I put Independent and black woman in the same sentence. A woman who showed me that being a black woman or a woman in general means more than just the pigmentation of my skin, and this woman is my mother.

I grew up watching her and the women around me, fighting for their beliefs and make them come true, and when I come outside and see all these stereotypes and labels and beautiful black woman feeding into them, it aches my heart hence I’m writing this, I want you to acknowledge the beauty and power that you have as a black woman.  Like my  aunt says “A broken heart will heal but an abused minds will never “so let’s change that.

Stop abusing your mind, you are beautiful, no matter what they say (YOU SHOULDN’T EVEN BE LISTENING TO WHAT THEY SAY anyways).   Believe in yourself more and stop looking for validation from others, there is so much that you can do as black woman, help the black community to grow, be an inspiration to little girls and woman that have lost their direction.  Learn and teach that nothing can bring them or you down, teach them to plant and harvest beauty and kindness.

Instead of aggressively comparing or competing with one another let’s learn to value and lift each other up , by each other I mean WOMEN ,forget about sexual orientation ,race whatever .   Challenge yourself to be the best you can each and everyday, Kindness is not learnt at school , respect, love yourself and others and you are good to go.

We keep complaining about the world , the lack of strong black woman who can represent us ,instead of complaining why don’t you become that woman?  We have the right for a choice ,you have a voice , why not use it? You don’t need to be loud for people to listen, you just need to be creative .

I know how it feels to be judged before you open your mouth ,the color of your  skin carries the history of your ancestors , there will be times where the color of your skin will not be ignored but who says that has to be a bad thing .  Being in a room where your  the only one like you there ,sometimes feels like a lot of pressure ,you feel like you are carrying the identity of all those who share the same color,the  same sex and you are , and often you feel like  you are misrepresenting them but don’t !  Keep your head high and fight for what you believe in , there will be struggles yes! There will be moments where you feel like giving up yes!  Aim high rather than aim low and hit !

Be bold , be successful and be the best version of yourself !

make us proud.jpg




A thank you to my  friend K.P for inspiring this post.




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