What to wear today…06

Hey beautiful , welcome back !   I hope you are enjoying this segment as much as I am .

On our previous post we looked at a street style ( kind of ) ,  don’t forget to check it out for options .

I am not someone who has a lot of shirts and I am not obsessively buying new shirts or blouses , so today’s tip is to make the most out of your dresses , you have probably worn every single shirt you own (or not ) but have you tried wearing your dresses as shirts?? I bet not!

So you probably thinking how are you going to fit this much fabric into your jeans , the key is to start with a short bodycon dress so there is less fabric to tuck in and to tuck into a thick pair of jeans that will hide all those lumps and wrinkles , and when you are smoothing it out really get down to it . Add sneakers and Baaaam you got yourself a casual outfit and a new shirt without spending a dime . You welcome!

High waisted  jean+ bodycon dress + shoes of your choice


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