The Antwerp Diamond heist

Hi dearies , I have a question for you … Does crime compensate ?  I don’t know if it does or not but it sure does make good TV series ,like la casa de papel (the heist) , which is one of my favorite series , can’t wait until July 19th for the release of the new season…

Moving on , today’s post is going to make you rethink the answer to the above question.  so today I am going to talk about the most successful criminals ever.

  1. The Antwerp  Diamond heist

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The Antwerp Diamond heist also known as the heist of the century , so in 2003 LEONARDO NOTARBATOLO and 4 other men  decided to rob The Antwerp Diamond world center which contained one of the best security systems of the planet , a system that you could only see in movies).  We are talking about infrared heat detectors, Doppler radar, a seismic sensor, a magnetic field plus a private security force .  More than 123 out of 160 safe- deposit boxes were forced open ( the deposit box were located in a vault beneath the building , each of the boxes were made out of steel and copper and had both a key lock and a combination lock.)   Regardless of the top notch security they were able to walk out with $100 millions in diamonds , gold, jewelry etc, it only took them 2 h .  So out of the 5 men Leonardo was the only one caught , the diamonds were never returned ,he was sentenced to 10 years in jail .  The reason why he was caught is between the four guys, there was a guy named speedy who was Leonardo’s childhood buddy , they worked together for 30 years , he knew that his friend had a habit of coming apart at the end of a job. The others on the team hadn’t wanted Speedy in on this one—they said he was a liability.  And that’s exactly what happened , Speedy got an anxiety attack ,the robbery wouldn’t be found until Monday when the guards checked the vault,  the other guys had left to Italy with the gems , speedy and Leonardo had the job o get rid of evidence by burning it .  They pulled into a deserted road near a forest which seemed empty , Leonardo decided he would burn everything there but when looked back Speedy had lost it ,  The contents of the garbage bag was strewn among the trees. Speedy was stomping through the mud, hurling paper into the underbrush. Spools of videotape clung to the branches like streamers on a Christmas tree. Israeli and Indian currency skittered past a half-eaten salami sandwich. The mud around the car was flecked with dozens of tiny, glittering diamonds. It would take hours to gather everything up and burn it.  So they left , and Leonardo was the only one caught but the money was never recovered.

I do plan on writing about other crimes , so if you liked this article and would like to see more subscribe and binge eat on my other posts .



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