What to wear today?…04

Hey, as my past record would disagree , I think I have been pretty consistent lately .  I found myself thinking about outfits , I’ve been really proud of my past ideas and I hope it has been of some kind of help to you too.

The outfit I chose for today will probably make you think that I ran out of ideas which os 100% true , but it actually came handy .  Every time you run out of things what is the one thing that we always end up wearing ? A T-shirt and jeans . and yes there are ways to make you look stylish and well put together and I am 100% sure that’s something everybody has in their closets.

This is my going to when I have nothing to wear, and yes there are ways to make it look less as if you rolled out of bed and more like you rolled out of  a fashion magazine .

  • Tuck in your shirt , all the way around to add shape and then rushing it out so it looks a bit more relaxed.
  • Roll out the hem of your jeans to reveal some of that sexy ankle action .  I also roll the hem of my shirt sleeves.
  • Because the outfit is so plain, add accessories like really nice  bling terrific earrings and lipstick
  • For shoes I would choose sneaker style boots or this pearled slippers . your choice.

Happy dressing.


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