Do all woman think the same?

Hi everyone, so I recently stumbled across this video on Jubilee , titled ” Do all woman think the same?” where 6 women were invited  to see the range of their beliefs and values, because I wasn’t in the video and the chances of me being in one ever are 0 to none , I thought I would answer the same questions but with my own perspective and it would really be cool if you participated and left your views too, they were asked to agree or disagree with various statements about being a woman .

I know how to change a tire.


I don’t even know how to drive a car let alone change a tire .  It’s not something I don’t see my self doing , I will definitely learn  it once I learn how to drive a car or if the opportunity comes.

Boys and girls should be raised the same way


I somewhat agree to this one , I mean I think men and women should be raised the same in the sense that they should both learn how to respect each other and not let their genders define them . If I was to raise kids I would want to give my children the same opportunities , I would want them to grow knowing that woman aren’t better than men nor is a man better than a woman , if I am teaching my daughter how to cook , I will as well teach my son how to do the same , I would give them the  same tasks and not automatically assume that one can’t do it because of its gender .  Living in  the world that  we live today I too find it important to bring awareness to events or circumstances that may occur things that only happen to  girls or boys . There are different awareness that we have to teach boys as boys and girls as girls.

Every woman should be a feminist


I don’t totally agree  with this one giving the fact of what the term feminist has  become today  , if we are talking about gender equality where you believe in men and woman being empowered and not the whole bringing down men type of thing then yes , woman should be feminists.

I believe abortion should be legal


I think it should be legal ,in circumstances where having a baby  would be harmful to your health or the baby was a result of a rape , I don’t really believe in abortion but I don’t condemn who does it and i feel like its a personal choice and I wouldn’t want a child to be born and raised with resent just because the parents didn’t have a choice , OK there is always adoption but if we look at all the different cultures and systems.  So I am pro-choice ,people should be able to have a choice when it comes to their body or life .

I don’t mind strangers flirting with me


I wouldn’t mind tasteful flirting , ” hey, I just wanted to say you are beautiful ” type of flirting , simple without any expectations or imposing themselves to me.  Then we have the cat calls and all the derogatory cat calls, I mean if I am not looking at you nor responding It’s not OK.   Flirting and harassment are two different things .

I support the #metoo movement

I do support the metoo movement , I feel like a lot of woman don’t have a voice or couldn’t find one or were too scared of sharing their stories , and this movement is somewhat a ” It’s OK you we got your back , you are not alone ” and a lot of woman who go through harsh situations don’t have that support.

I believe the world  would be better if it were run by women


I totally disagree… saying the world would be better if women run it is the same as saying the world would be better if  only man ran it . For me the world would be a better place if we had good leaders regardless of gender or race.  A  woman won’t automatically be a good president just because she is a woman if she has no idea on how to do it , the same goes with men.  Gender doesn’t make a leader , leadership makes a leader .

These are my views  what are yours?




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