Evil kids …

It’s June and I can’t wrap my mind on how fast this month is going .  Because it was children’s day a few days back I thought this post would come handy .  Children are considered the cutest ,most innocent creatures of this earth , well I am not going to talk about them.  I stumbled upon a story that really made me sick to the stomach , and I decided to tell you about it , a story about teens/ children  that were once considered the most dangerous in the world.  Children that have done things that don’t match with human behavior  nor their age .


Cindy Collier and Shirley wolf

s c.jpg

These two weren’t really kids , they were both teens at the time , being Cindy 15 and Shirley 14. The two met in a correctional institute in summer of 1983.   They both had suffered sexual abuse and I guess they found comfort in one another .  You would think that having someone to share would reduce the anger that consumed these kids , BUT NO .  These two were a deadly combination …  They had this mentality that the world was against them and that no one would understand them  the way they understand each other , so they decided to run away .  But to run away they needed a vehicle which none of them had .  They both escape from the correctional institution for minors ( Cindy had done it multiple times ) , but they still  needed a vehicle to escape the city  , they two  knew they couldn’t fight an adult so they decide  to go to a neighborhood full of elderly people near where  Cindy lived many years prior to this.   I guess by now you have probably realized that Cindy comes off as the leader. 

Mind you , this was happened hours after they met… So they are hoping from door to door with no success, many people were suspicious of the girls and wouldn’t allow them to enter ,  unfortunately a kind  woman named Anna Brackett , 85 years old was kind enough to let these girls into her house with the pretest that they were being followed by strange men and needed to use her phone,  Anna let them in not knowing that she was opening the door to her own murderers.

Just to see how cold and  non remorseful this little **** were , they stayed in that house for about an hour , which means they got to know the woman , which you would think would make it difficult for the girls to kill her .

Anna’s  phone rings and it’s her son who announces that he was coming to pick her up for their daily walk,  that’s when the girls realized it was time .   Shirley assails Anna while Cindy runs to the kitchen and grabs a knife … These two evil creatures killed this lady with own knife , stabbing her 28 times which is not the exact number as the knife has entered in the same wound multiple times.

After being stabbed Anna said ” I’m dying ”  and Shirley responded ” Good“… and those were the last words  this lady who was only trying to do good heard .  Stabbed by the people she tried to help.

They ended up not taking the car, and not carrying out their plan of escape instead they went to Cindy’s house .

Meanwhile , Anna’s son reaches his mother’s house not long after the murder just to find her bleeding mother’s body laying on the floor .  Just imagine how traumatic it must have been to him , to a find your mother someone who you just had spoke to , stabbed to death .

He calls the police and they start investigating , they talk to the neighbors and they all mentioned the two girls , but at the time the police couldn’t believe those girls were capable of such an horrible act .  So they go to Cindy’s house to interview them as witness, maybe they saw something , so they separate the two and as soon as the police seats with them Cindy breaks silence and admits to the crime by saying ” It was us “.

They later found Shirley’ s diary which was written:

Today we killed an old lady. It was fun.”

They were subjected to trial in 1983 , an were given the maximum penalty for juveniles ,  imprisonment up to their 25th birthday.

Cindy was released in 1992 ( 9 years in jail ) , got married and had 4 children  and lived a normal life after this ( whatever that is supposed to mean ).

Shirley was released in 1995, had some problems with the law but that’s all , not many news about her .

I can’t stress enough , 10 years?  You act like an adult you are punished like an adult ( not that this is even an adult thing ) , but I think 14 and 15 are  old enough to know the difference between good and bad.





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