Is oxygen a drug?


So I recently bumped on this meme that put me thinking, what if oxygen is an hallucinogenic drug that enables us to see the world the way we do now ,  and when people take drugs the effect is cleared up, and we see the world for what it really is , and the reason why it is illegal is because the government doesn’t want us to know the truth.

I would imagine that if that was true , the withdraw of oxygen would cause death?  looking further I found this comment that said ”  Maybe babies are born with a fully developed brain and mental capacity ,and they grow oxygen tolerance.  Since the tolerance is raised , you live the next 70 years just getting by until it’s not enough and you croak”.

For a slight moment I considered the above theory but bilology says otherwise, because after 5-6 weeks of pregnancy the umbilical cord develops to deliver oxygen to the developing fetus, , the umbilical cord and placenta deliver nutrients from the mother to the baby. They also provide the baby with the oxygen-rich blood necessary for growth.

So in this case the mother is clearly “high” on oxygen , wouldn’t that mean that the baby will be born high ?

Let me know your thoughts on this theory, I  really need some fresh air…



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