A cry for help

Hello fellow reader , 2019 new year new life , for some that means a better life better opportunities, an opportunity to restart and for others it took the literal meaning of it.   On the week of March 15th 2019, Mozambique was hit with the devastating news that a Cyclone was approaching , some took it as a hoax , some prepared for it and some didn’t know about it , regardless of who was prepared or not for it ,it still came and it was named Cyclone IDAI a category 4  tropical cyclone ,with it it took the life of thousands of people ,leaving behind  4m floods, a homeless ,heartbroken , traumatized ,food less , water less population.  For 3 days straight it was hardly impossible to communicate with the people on the inside  leaving those on the outside hopeless not knowing what had happened to their loved ones , I am one of the people on the outside who still haven’t talked to those on the inside , electricity , network and communication is limited to none.   Unfortunately some have been making this difficult situation even more difficult , feeding through others misery  , the Atm’s are not working , simple things like candles ,biscuits or food are overpriced now, hospitals were also affected by the cyclone making it difficult to operate during this crisis  .  The only way to travel is through air ,  so I come here to ask you with my heart fully opened to help my country , to help the people that need you right now , a lot of NGO’s and emergency teams are already on the ground to provide critical relief to more than 400 000 people but no help is too much .

I will leave links in which you could contribute to a bigger cause , every kind of help is appreciated , your generous gift to the IDAI relief will enable us to provide critical necessities such as food,medical supplies , bedding ,drinking water, toiletries and other needs regarding temporary  shelter.

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You can donate through : crisisrelief.un.org

Thank you ! Please help spread the word and get as many people to contribute, just sharing this message  will be already of a big help.


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